Please take notice, effective February 16, 2016, the law firm of Berry & Berry changed its name and address as follows:


A Professional Law Corporation

475 14th Street, Suite 550

Oakland, California 94612

Telephone No.: 510.250.0200

Main Fax No.: 510.380.6354

We have closed our Post Office Box with the move. Please send mail to our street address.

Changes Coming to Alameda County Complex and Asbestos Departments

Beginning January, 2016 the Asbestos (D30) and Civil Complex departments (D17 and 21) are being merged. These three departments will be renamed the “Civil Complex/Asbestos” departments. While some changes will occur over time, effective January, 2016, the following changes will occur:

  • All asbestos trials will be handled by Departments 17, 21, and 30. All cases set for trial in 2016 previously assigned to Department 705 will be reassigned to one of the three departments. Preference cases will be reassigned to one of the three Civil Complex/Asbestos departments for all purposes (i.e. motions and pretrial issues as well as trial). Starting in early 2016, Department 30 will re-assign a proportionate share of non-preference asbestos cases for trial to departments 17 and 21.
  • Department 30 will handle the Complex Determination Hearings for all three departments and assign cases determined to be complex to one of the three departments.
  • Over time, it is expected that each of the three departments will obtain a proportionate share of asbestos and other complex cases.
  • Following bench bar conferences, the court has revised initial CMO and Pretrial Orders. The new Pretrial Order will be issued for cases set for trial in 2016. Copies of the new orders are available on the links below (changes from prior versions are in bold). Of particular note in the Pretrial Order are further limitations on the number of Motions in Limine. The revised CMO addresses plaintiff depositions setting and length, as well as clarifying the discovery conference process.

  • About Us

    Spanos Przetak, formerly Berry & Berry, is a litigation firm practicing throughout Northern California and particularly in Alameda and San Francisco counties. The attorneys are experienced in all phases of discovery, case management, trial preparation, and trial. The firm's resources include a team of skilled and experienced paralegals and support staff.

    The firm has considerable experience in handling and coordinating complex litigation matters. For nearly thirty years, we have coordinated the medical defense in over 18,000 asbestos cases filed in Northern California. We have held that role by court order in several counties since 1986. In that capacity, we have worked cooperatively with many of the Northern California courts and know their procedures, local rules and judges.

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