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Document Requests

Requests for Documents related to specific cases. Including requests for Litigation Support Reports (LSR's).

This invitation to order documents via our website applies only to defendants in the case and not applicable to plaintiff's counsel.

Subpoena Requests

Requests for Subpoena related to specific cases.

Other Departmental Email Adresses: (note: please put Docket # and case title on subject line. ex: SFSC 1234  DOE, JANE)  for any billing questions.  for questions regarding medical examinations and defense expert reviews (except pathology reviews).  for questions regarding standard interrogatories or record-procurement.  for questions regarding medical experts' depositions coordinated by Designated Defense Counsel.  for questions regarding contents of medical records.  for questions regarding pathology reviews or procurement.  for questions regarding plaintiff's depositions.  for opting in or opting out of cases and optional procedures.  for requests for radiology.