Spanos|Przetak has been coordinating joint defense medical discovery in asbestos cases since 1986, when the firm was appointed Designated Defense Counsel by San Francisco, Alameda and Solano county courts. Together, Ms. Spanos and Ms. Przetak have over 50 years experience coordinating this discovery, with expertise in court procedures, case trends and medical issues. The firm is available to perform these services throughout California.

Spanos|Przetak specializes in joint medical discovery such as procuring plaintiffs’ medical and employment records, pathology and films, in addition to scheduling the depositions of plaintiffs. Spanos|Przetak retains joint defense experts, schedules their reviews and coordinates their depositions. Spanos|Przetak’s exclusive cost sharing system allows defendants the flexibility to share in the cost of this discovery at any stage. They have experienced trial counsel available to depose plaintiffs’ medical experts and assist with trials on common medical issues.

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